"How Can This Weird New Pistol Target INSTANTLY Make You Shoot Tighter, Faster Groups?" 

The science doesn’t lie!  Gun owners everywhere are shocked as this revolutionary new "brain-based splatter target" instantly uncovers the hidden flaws holding you back from being the protector your family needs you to be!  Read on to discover the real secret to personal and home defense pistol mastery…

Order today and you'll get 20 targets printed on high quality, easy to see 8" splatter paper for the price of 10, I'll pick up shipping & handling, AND I'm also going to send you 2 of my patent pending diagnostic shooting charts that will help you read and fix your groups on ANY target.

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It's As Simple As...

  • Shoot A Group...

    Shoot a slow, 5-8 shot group, trying to drill every round through the bullseye.  You only need to be 6-10 feet away to identify the majority of issues that frustrate shooters

  • Compare Your Easy-To-See Group To The Chart

    All other diagnostic targets tell you feedback that doesn’t really mean anything, like “too much finger” without telling you how to fix the problem.  The diagnostic chart will help you identify many of the most commonly missed shooting problems, whether they’re simple like loose sights, technique issues like trigger finger isolation, or even frustrating issues like cross-eye dominance and visual suppression.

  • Shoot Tighter Groups, Starting With Your Next Shot!

    It’s like having your favorite instructor with you, every time you go to the range, watching you shoot, and then telling you how you can improve so you don’t keep making simple mistakes that cement into long term bad habits.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

Way more actionable intelligence than with a traditional target...even than a normal pie shaped diagnostic target.  It's immediate, field tested professional feedback, at the fraction of the cost of a live lesson.  Addresses multiple causes for misses instead of just the sights, the gun, or how you're holding the pistol.


Awesome Targets!


Thank you.  These are great.

  • EVERYONE forgets what they learned in a class or from a book or video when they start shooting. These targets are the cheat sheet to get you back on target FAST so you don't lock in bad habits.
  • It's like having a private instructor at the range with you, giving you advice as you shoot...without the cost!
  • The splatter makes it easy to see where you hit from a distance without squinting or up close without taking your focus off of your front sight.
  • 2 x 4"x6" diagnostic charts that are coated to resist damage from water, oil, blood, sweat, tears, and the crushed dreams of your enemies. Use them for any target...not just the splatter targets.
  • Normal splatter targets just let everyone else see how bad you're shooting...these will help you hit the bullseye every time in no time! (and that's something you WANT them to see)
  • Normal diagnostic targets were created for one handed bullseye shooting with a light, single action trigger...not for defensive pistol shooting. These targets are designed for defensive pistol shooting for concealed carry, home defense, and more.
  • These targets use all-weather adhesive to stick firm and are *mostly* removable so you can show off your groups
  • You get 12 pasters so you can get more use from your targets or use them for pistol "sniper" challenges 🙂
  • Yellow on black contrast (like street signs and school busses) to maximize contrast and visibility.
  • Shipped in a rigid, flat, photo mailer or padded bubble envelope to help protect them from the US Postal Service and cranky mailmen.
  • Covers shooting errors due to sights, vision, breathing, anticipation, grip, cross-eye dominance, and more!
Click To Get Yours Now For Only $17

Reserve Your 20 Diagnostic Splatter Targets (10 + 10 FREE!) and 2 Diagnostic Charts By Entering Your Email Below

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


My wife, both sons, and my brother shoot left handed, so I'm familiar with the issues of being a leftie in a right handed gun world.

The splatter targets & diagnostic chart will work for both right and left handed shooters, but you will need to do a little modification.  As a leftie shooter, you're used to that.  It's not ideal, but the small demand for leftie targets and bulk printing means that I'd need to charge 2-3x more for them.

So, here's how it works for lefties...

  1. You'll get both the right and left handed print-at-home version of the targets and both the right-and-left handed version of the diagnostic charts.
  2. The splatter targets will still splatter...even if you shoot them left handed, and they're a bargain 🙂  You will need to flip the zones in your head.  If, as a leftie, you shoot low right, look at the low-left zone on the diagnostic chart.  As a leftie, you're used to this.  As a responsible gun owner who mocks safe-zone snowflakes, you don't let stuff like this phase you.
  3. The charts are included so that you can diagnose ANY target that you shoot from now on...regardless of whether it's a sheet of paper with a dot, a bullseye target, silhouette, or anything else.  That information is worth more than the entire package and it's included as a bonus.
  4. I really wish there was an economical way to print a leftie version...If a big-box store picks them up, we could make it happen.

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