In A Real World Assault,
Your Shooting Skills Are Worthless
Unless You Have This
Critical Missing Link…

The reality is, the distances are closer, the speed is faster, and a whopping 90% of the time, people have to fight to their gun before they’re even able to use their gun.

Which is why your gun training should look less like this...

and more like this...


Look different than what you have seen or done in the past?

It is.  And it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You need to know about this training because there’s a firearms training epidemic occurring right before our eyes that could get you killed.

The epidemic is training that's easy to teach to a line of 20 shooters at one time, but that is nothing like a real fight with a gun.

Here's just 3 examples of how harmful typical "training" can be...

  • 1

    Training based on mythical "facts" & "rules"

    There's nothing wrong with shooting targets at 21 feet, but real-life defensive shootings usually happen at 5-10 feet, regardless of whether it's a civilian, off-duty officer or plain-clothes law enforcement.

  • 2

    Ignoring key skills

    Making fast, accurate first shots from the holster is a vital skill. But shooters make the mistake of doing all of their training from the holster when the NRA and "USCCA True Stories" of armed self-defense show us that 80% of the time, people who use firearms to stop violent attacks weren't wearing the gun when the attack happened and they had to get it! (Keep reading for the solution to this)

  • 3

    Training for shooting paper vs. stopping violent attacks

    It's important to develop shooting fundamentals flat footed on a well lit range, but in roughly half of defensive shootings, the good guy had a physical struggle before being able to get their gun into the fight. They were moving, off balance, and dealing with the chaos of a surprise life and death situation.

You can be the best shooter in the world,
but if you can't win the fight to your gun,
then it's useless for self defense.

I'm "Ox" from Dry Fire Training Cards.  You may know me as the guy behind Dry Fire Training Cards or the brain based shooting coach who helps great shooters bust through plateaus.

But what you may not know is that I have always been more of a "fighter" than just a "shooter."  Guns are just happen to be one of the most effective fighting tools you can have...if you can get your gun into the fight.

Being able to fight to your gun is the critical missing link between gun training at the range and what you'll face in real life.

When you read police reports, you see that most people CAN’T just draw their gun and start shooting when they get attacked.

Yet that’s all people practice at the range.

The reality is that when good guys get attacked, they either have to go to another room, go to their car, get to a bag, open a safe, or they have to struggle with their attacker before drawing from the holster.

Is your current training getting you ready for a fight like that?

Probably not.  Because most training isn’t taught like that.

Even if…no…ESPECIALLY IF you’ve done martial arts, combatives, or defensive tactics training in the past.

There’s a few reasons why…

Punching an attacker in the face
WON'T get the job done...

A lot of people think that they'll just punch an attacker in the face, and then get their gun.

That’s what my kids are learning at their dojo.  It’s what you see in cardio-kickboxing classes.  It’s fun to get padded up and practice punching a bag, a dummy, or a training partner.

But the fact is, hands stop working or even break when you use an unwrapped hand to punch a head hard enough to do damage.

And if you’re not used to punching people in the head without gloves or wraps, it’s even worse.

Want proof?

In a recent bare knuckle fighting event in Wyoming, 3 of the highly trained fighters broke their hands in one evening!

Even Iron Mike Tyson broke his hand in a street fight.

These are fighters who are used to hitting HARD and have toughened their hands over a period of years.

If your hand doesn’t break when you punch an attacker in the face, your hand probably won't work quite right when you try to draw your gun, knife, or pepper spray.

And don’t even think about trying to do fine motor skills like using keys or your phone to call for help and get to safety.

Even worse than the damage to your hand is the fact that the punch probably won’t even stop your attacker.

I’m guessing it’s been awhile since you punched someone hard in the face bare-fisted…but it probably hasn’t been that long since your attacker has taken a punch.

He may even be used to it.

And your punch to the face is not going to stop an animal used to violence like it would a normal, civilized person.

95% of what you see online and have been taught
DOESN'T WORK in the real world.

1.  "Paper" enemy techniques vs. real world attacks.  Blocking and striking with your support hand while drawing with your shooting hand is something that may work great when you’re “fighting” a paper target or “training” with a compliant partner at friendly speeds.

It’s COMPLETELY different when you are at real-life speeds with someone trying to hurt you.

In the real world, when your shooting hand goes back for your gun and your attacker realizes what’s going on, the strikes come quicker and harder—and you’re half as effective at blocking.

I’ll tell you something from experience…blocking and drawing a gun one handed from concealment is a LOT harder after you’ve gotten your bell rung a couple of times in a row.

Your brain tries to flip back and forth between blocking and drawing, but it just can’t keep up after the first hit.

Each time you get hit makes both blocking and drawing slower and more difficult.  Part of your brain is screaming for you to block with both hands while another is struggling with getting your gun into the fight.  And that distracts you from blocking the next blow as effectively as you could.

More hits get through and the downward spiral accelerates.

Until you curl up like a turtle and hope the bad man stops.

2. Traditional systems take too long to learn. Many empty hands techniques that you see will actually work if you dedicate 1000, or 10,000 hours to learning them.  Personally, I prefer techniques that I can learn quickly and that will work if I need them tomorrow or next week.

This is especially true when people come to me with death threats.

They don’t have weeks or months to learn how to protect themselves.  When they realize they’re in danger, they need skills that they can use that very day.

3. Traditional ”Blocking” doesn’t work in real fights. Most blocking techniques don’t work outside of a dojo.  Don’t get me wrong…they work mechanically, but the process of identifying WHAT strike is coming and WHICH block to use just takes too long.  That’s why you never see a professional fighter use a formal martial arts block.

4. You’ll never use a “fighting stance” in a real fight. Almost all fighting systems have stances…yet real fights on the street don’t.  In real violence, your ability to strike while moving and off balance at odd distances trumps your ability to deliver a punishing strike to a bag or pad under ideal training conditions.

5. Traditional combatives don't work for older, slower, or more broken bodies.  They're made for young, fit whipper snappers who's bodies don't ache...yet.  You're more likely to be targeted for violence than some gym rat in his 20s and you need realistic solutions that are made for YOUR body and lifestyle.

Some of what I said may challenge the way you've trained in the past...and some of it may have even pissed you off.

If it keeps you alive, I’m ok with that.

Think of it as tough love.

From someone who would rather help you fix these problems immediately than let you keep practicing ineffectively and have you or a loved one pay the ultimate price.

I’m not going to leave you hanging or frustrated.

I’ve got the solution for surviving ambushes, assaults, and attacks when you can’t get to your gun because you’re not wearing it or because you’re too busy fighting off blows …

Here's How To Fight To Your Gun
When It's Not Already In Your Hand

It’s pretty obvious that if you own a gun for self defense, being able to effectively fight to it is a VITAL skill.

No matter how much we think we’ll be armed and aware when an attack happens, police reports tell us that 80% of the time when someone uses a firearm in self-defense, they weren’t wearing it.


50% of the time, there was a physical struggle before they were able to get to the gun.

And NO training out there gives you a fast, easy solution for bridging this gap between what the training world teaches and what happens in the real world.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to the most advanced integrated combatives training available today…

“Fight To Your Gun”

I’ve been using and teaching this system for a couple of years with great SWAT officers, women with death threats, and more.  But when it came time to put it on video, I went to the team from Threat Resolution Science…guys who have been using the system in real-life lethal force assaults on multiple continents against single and multiple attackers with knives, sticks, pipes, fists, and guns for the last 2 decades.

The team is made up of one of the most respected performance neurology experts in the world, a veteran violent crimes task force and SWAT officer & Washington State IDPA Defensive Pistol champion, and a jiu jitsu world champion.  It’s a combination of experience and expertise that you just won’t find anywhere else.

It not only means that the training is battle tested and proven to work, but it’s taught in a way that makes it incredibly fast to learn.

In fact, the standard for the training is that…

If a loved one
on the other side of the country
had only had 2 hours
to learn and practice for an attack
that’s going to happen tonight,
THIS is the training that we’d teach them

What it means is that everything in the training has to be incredibly effective and ridiculously quick to learn...regardless of how slow, old, out of shape, or uncoordinated a person is.

It has to work regardless of whether you've got a gun, some other defensive tool, or are buck-naked in the shower with nothing but a bar of soap and your wits when an attack happens.

It has to help you detect threats sooner by using pre-incident indicators.

It has to preserve the use of your hands so that once you've created space and time, you can transition to a more effective weapon, like a firearm.

And it has to work in real life situations, and not just in a dojo or on a shooting range.

The TRS guys have been using these proven techniques with military and law enforcement personnel for decades and just recently started offering live training to the general public.

I've flown down to Phoenix for 3 of their live, 3 day classes.

People come from across the country and pay $1,750 apiece.

Some have lifelong martial arts backgrounds and some have no experience at all.

Men and women who'd survived attacks and who were sick and tired of being afraid.

For most, it was life changing and a tremendous value.

Some of what I learned from them revolutionized my thinking about self-defense--even after 20+ years of combatives and martial arts and having had the privilege of getting to train in many of the most respected systems known.

The last time they held their “Counter Ambush & Assault” training, we filmed all 3 days covering how to use empty hands and whatever you’ve got in your hands as a weapon to counter a surprise ambush, regardless of whether it's your phone, a paper cup of water, purse, or backpack.

On day 4, I joined them and we recorded additional segments on transitioning to a gun as well as the highest leverage at-home drills that integrate empty hands, improvised tools, and firearms to prepare you for surprise attacks that you won’t see coming.

Then, we edited and distilled the 25+ hours of video training down to the highest leverage fighting-to-your-gun material…hard-earned secrets that will seriously tip the odds in your favor in a violent encounter.

Secrets like...

  • Simple techniques for fighting to your gun in real-world attack situations like when you’re pressed against a wall, in a chair, or on the ground.
  • How to use your body’s natural startle-flinch response to react quicker than what is possible with traditional “self defense” blocks.
  • The trick to weaponize your startle-flinch response to quickly scramble your attacker’s brain and shut down their attack to buy you time to get your gun into the fight.
  • The critical, yet simple details that will turn the everyday objects in your hands, like bags, drinks, phones, & more into your first line of defense and effective fighting tools.
  • How to move beyond striking and shooting from “fighting stances” that work great on the range and in a dojo, but fail in a real attack when you’re off balance and stumbling backwards.
  • You’ll learn and master the devastating “camshaft” strike…and see why it may be the best weapon you’ve got when you’re too close for anything else.
  • The “seat belt” and “violent back scratch” elbow strike techniques that are MUCH more effective in a fight for your life than traditional elbow strikes taught for competition and striking bags. Combine them with “pull the hand” and “the rip saw” and you may HOPE someone picks you up in a bear hug.
  • Easy “non-violent postures” that will let you respond to threats more quickly AND that can reduce your liability by making it clear on video and to witnesses that you are the good guy.
  • Drills to help you get your gun into the fight when you aren’t wearing it. 80% of the time when good guys use guns to stop an assault, their gun isn’t in a holster on their waist, but how much of your training time takes this reality into account? The unfortunate truth is that if you’re not doing these drills you’re unprepared for 80% of attacks where you may need to use your firearm.
  • “Sticky hands” training that will help you transition your defense into a fight-ending offense, even if your vision is compromised.

As Responsible Gun Owners, We MUST Have The Skills
To Actually Get Our Gun Into The Fight
For It To Help Us

In real world criminal ambushes and assaults, going straight to your gun usually isn't the right answer.

First, you need solid, proven techniques to block the attack, turn the tables, and immediately counter-attack.  THIS will give you the time and space you need to get your gun into the fight.

You need techniques that will work if you’re off balance, if the threat’s at an odd angle, if you’re stuck in a seat, being shoved against a wall, or other chaotic, full-speed, real-life situations that don't happen in a dojo.

You need techniques that work if you’re dealing with injuries, aren’t as strong as you’d like, or even if you’re not the most coordinated person in the world.  At the same time, they need to work for full time warriors and protectors who are at the top of their game.

You need techniques that take almost no time to learn and less to practice.

You’ve got to know how to get the job done with your hands or whatever you’ve got in your hands, regardless of whether it’s a bag, drink, phone, or keys. Because there just isn’t going to be time to get to whatever weapon you’ve got in your holster, pocket, or bag until you create it.

With "Fight To Your Gun"
You'll Go Beyond
What You Can Do
On 99% Of Shooting Ranges
And Dive Into Gun Training
For The Real World

  • It's been proven to work for adults of all ages, regardless of your size, strength, speed, or previous training. It works even if you have no athletic ability and no martial arts or self defense background. And it will work for you without requiring you to buy additional gear.
  • It's taught in a way that if a petite real estate agent KNEW that she was going to be attacked that night at a showing by bigger, stronger, meaner attackers and she only had 2 hours to learn how to defend herself, she could do it with this training.
  • It's been proven in real life conflict where one of the goals is to transition to a weapon like a gun. It provides a significant advantage to people who have been around violence their entire lives and already know how to fight.

That combination makes it perfect for someone who has no combatives experience, but wants to know how to be safer without spending hours a week in a dojo.

And, it 's just as valuable for someone like me with 2+ decades of martial arts and combatives experience who's a serious student of integrated fighting with empty hands, improvised weapons, blades, sticks, and guns.

Best of all, you'll learn how to train these skills at home...with or without a training partner.

How to Get The Training

There are only 2 ways to get this training…

Option #1.  You can fly to Phoenix, pay for a hotel, and pay $1,750.00 for the 3 day class the next time it’s offered (It’s only offered 2 times per year) and then pay $300 per hour for private lessons with Doc, Tyler, Leo, or me for the training from the 4th day.

But that’s just not going to work for most people.  Since you’ve read this far, you know how urgent and important this need is.  You probably don’t have months to wait to get the training…you know you need it now and know it fills a critical gap that you have in your current self-defense plan.

You simply never know when this training might mean the difference between life and death.

I don’t say that to be overly dramatic.  The fact is that by definition, you simply don’t know when a surprise attack will occur.  If you knew when and where you were going to be attacked, it wouldn’t be a surprise and you could just avoid being there…or come with a team.

But you don’t know when a surprise attack may happen to you or a loved one.

That’s why it’s so important that you get this training sooner rather than later.  Like right now.

And that’s why we have another “fast mover” option for you that you’re going to want to jump on immediately.

It’s for decisive people who can see how important and valuable this training is and who can take quick, decisive action when they see an opportunity like this.

So, Option #2 is that you can get the complete Fight To Your Gun training, right here, right now, for only $97 and start using the training in the next 10 minutes.

It’s just over 2 hours of classroom teaching, demonstration, and follow-along drills like you’ve never seen before, but that will soon become the standard for effective training to fight with a handgun.

Simple, easy, training, proven in multiple life and death situations that will dramatically increase your odds of being able to get to your gun and survive a violent attack.

This training is not available anywhere else in any other form and represents a dramatic improvement over any other training on the market.

Best of all, it’s guaranteed.  If you decide that it’s not for you at any point in the next 60 days, we’ll refund your money immediately…but the chances of that happening are pretty much zero.  The training and teaching methods have been proven from Tier I to grandmas and soccer moms so you have absolutely no risk when you order now by clicking the button below.

If you’ve been around self-defense training and combatives for long, you know how important integrated training is.

But, it's pretty common for "gun guys" to look for a gun answer to every problem and for "combatives guys" to look for combatives answers to every problem.

The problem with most integrated approaches is that they have one set of skills for empty hands, another for improvised weapons, and another when you add guns.

The reality is that you need an integrated approach that combines them all...but in a way that recognizes the fact that you aren't sitting on a ton of extra time for training a bunch of different stuff.

And that’s why I appreciate Threat Resolution Science's simple, unique approach.  You see, they’ve already been using and testing it in the real world for 20+ years.  They understand real world violence and high performance with empty hands and a variety of weapons.

It’s important that you know a little bit about their backgrounds so you can appreciate how effective their approach is.

The Threat Resolution Science team is made up of Dr. Eric Cobb (from Z-Health), Tyler Christian, and Leo Porras.

Doc has 30+ years of martial arts and combatives experience.  Numerous trips to dangerous regions of the globe have caused him to be the target of violent assaults & ambushes through the years.  He has experience facing and surviving multiple knife, stick/bat/pipe, and firearms attacks and that real-world experience shows in the training.  He also happens to be one of the top experts in the world in performance neurology.  The combination makes him incredibly unique and it’s why other top instructors have such high respect for his teaching methods and techniques.  As a result of the effectiveness, over the last 20+ years, he’s instructed more than 1,000 tactical law enforcement and various elite military units and teams from other government agencies operating in high-threat areas overseas.

Tyler is a police sergeant with a long history of SWAT (300+ dynamic entries) as well as various drug and violent crimes task forces on the West Coast.  He’s an accomplished competitive shooter with multiple Washington State IDPA Championships.  As an officer, pursuing the worst of the worst, he's regularly faced bigger, stronger attackers for the last 2 decades.

Leo is a former Jiu Jitsu world champion as well as a law enforcement Defensive Tactics instructor.

Their training is for real world violence based on their experience with real-world violence and training law enforcement to survive worst case scenarios.  It’s not based on theory, what just works in a dojo, or what works in a bar when a couple of meat heads are arguing over a girl.  The effectiveness of their training is why they’re alive and played a part in why thousands of others are alive today.

It’s based on what has repeatedly worked in the real world to take care of chaotic worst-case scenarios where it just doesn’t work to go straight to your gun.

Common Questions.

-Won’t Dry Fire Hurt My Gun?

Answer: If your gun is a quality factory made (preferably US, Israeli, or European made) handgun that was made since Reagan beat Carter and is a center-fire (not rimfire like .22), then you’re good to go. In fact, many handgun manuals explicitly say that it’s fine to dry fire. If you have any doubts, read your manual, contact the manufacturer, or ask a local gunsmith.

Here’s what you do to order… Have your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the big yellow button below to continue and pick your quantity…

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