"How Does This New
'Self-Aiming' Splatter Target
Help Shooters Shoot Tighter Groups...INSTANTLY?" 

The science doesn’t lie! Gun owners everywhere are shocked as this revolutionary new "self-aiming splatter target" instantly trains your brain to trust your sights so you can be the protector your family needs you to be!  Read on to discover how a few minutes with this target can fix YEARS of struggling to be accurate with a pistol…

This crazy splatter target builds on more than 150 years of astrophysics, engineering, neurology, and ophthalmology to give you what may be the most scientific target that has ever existed.

It's so unique that we call it the
"Self-Aiming Splatter Target"

Designed to be used for pistols, carbines, and long range precision rifles, regardless of whether you're shooting real bullets at the range or pellets/bb's/airsoft/rubber bullets at home.

The pattern you see on the target is called a Secchi disk and it's got a really cool story...The Secchi disk was created in 1865 by an Italian Jesuit priest, astrophysicist, and scientist named Pietro Angelo Secchi.  He's one of the first people credited with figuring out that our Sun is a star.

On April 20th, 1865, while working for the Pope as a scientific advisor, Secchi was tasked with quantifying the clarity of the Mediterranean Sea…and he created the Secchi disk to do so.

150+ years later, his disk is still one of the easiest tools for measuring water clarity because of how well the human eye picks up the pattern...even when it's not clear.  (This is key for using it as a target)

You may recognize rotated versions of the Secchi disk from the BMW logo, the targets that engineers use for surveying, state and national flags, and more.

And I’ve been rotating and using this pattern with shooters for a few years with great success…first an upside down triangle, then 2 triangles with the points touching, and finally the rounded triangles that you see here.

This target has the effect of sucking your focus...and your groups to the center...

...because it will let you simultaneously focus on the front sight and align your sights perfectly with the center of the target...even when the target is blurry.

What that target means for you is that if you’ve struggled with focusing on the front sight and letting the target go blurry, this target design will give you the confidence to know that you will shoot tighter groups when you focus on your front sight.

And that's a really big deal.

Regardless of whether you are a front sight shooter, focus on the threat, or switch back and forth.

What about the colors?

The original Secchi disk was black and white, but yellow & grey ends up being much, much better for a shooting target.

Yellow is used on school busses and road signs because it equally stimulates red and green cones in the eyes...making it easier to see.

Black on yellow is one of the cleanest/clearest contrasting sets of colors for the human eye, making it easier to judge precisely where the center is, even when it's blurry because you're focused on your front sight.

We have proprietary reasons for using the specific shade of yellow that we do and we use grey instead of black so that people sighting in rifles won't lose black crosshairs against the target.

What I've seen using these targets with shooters is that it's pretty common to go from shooting 4-8" groups to 1-2" groups from one mag to the next...with no change to technique.

  • btw, love the Secchi target.  Game changing, but you knew that already.

It's kind of a trick...

A hack that takes advantage of the way our brains are wired.

You see, pistol accuracy at defensive distances are simply a matter of lining up the muzzle and pressing the trigger without disturbing muzzle alignment.  Period.

Pistol Accuracy=Muzzle Alignment + Trigger Press

Breath, stance, grip, and everything else all help with muzzle alignment or trigger press, but those 2 are the golden keys.

But for shooters trying to use their sights to line up the muzzle, it can be a challenging process that feels unnatural.

Most shooters *think* that they're focused on their front sight when, in reality, they're just aware of their front sight and they're focused either on their target, empty space between their target and the front sight, or they're trying to quickly switch focus back and forth between the target and their front sight and take the shot before anything moves.

Each time they shift their focus back and forth, the aim of each eye has to shift and coordinate, the focal length of each eye has to change, and we end up with a fraction of a second of blindness called "saccadic suppression."  <<  This DESTROYS your ability to aim accurately.

The Self-Aiming Target let's you relax and let your focus stabilize and steady, eliminate those moments of blindness, and makes it easier for you to hit what you're aiming at.

This "stabilizing" of the eye is something that Dr. Joan N. Vickers calls the "Quiet Eye" and it is one of the big differences in amateurs and elite performers in every sport and tactical application...including shooting.

The high contrast and unique shape of the Self-Aiming Target will--almost magically--pull your sights into alignment with the center of the target...and all you have to do is keep the sights still as you press the trigger.

What about Red Dots?

Yes...the Self-Aiming Target works with red dots too!  The Secchi pattern still sucks the red dot to the center and lets your eye settle down and make the shot.

It's pretty common to see shooters shoot 2-4X tighter groups from one magazine to the next, just by switching to the Self-Aiming Target.

The cool thing is, what I've seen with shooters on the line is that once they quiet their focus and let the Self-Aiming Target pull their muzzle into alignment, it sticks and they keep shooting tight groups when they switch back to other targets or force on force.

Order today and you'll get 20 targets printed on high quality, easy to see 8" splatter paper for the price of 10, 180 pasters, I'll pick up shipping & handling, AND I'm also going to send you 2 of my patent pending diagnostic shooting charts that will help you read and fix your groups on ANY target.

Order Now! Only $19.97

It's As Simple As...

  • FOCUS on your front sight

    It’s not good enough to be aware of your front sight…you need to pick out a detail on your front sight and focus on it intently.  Start at 6-10 feet with a pistol…25 yards with a carbine or rifle.  Using a dot…let it the target draw it to the center like a magnet.  A scope?  The Secchi Target pattern will pull your aim in and let you shoot your tightest groups ever.

  • Let The Auto-Aiming Target Guide You To The Bullseye!

    Let the powerful shape of the target suck your aim into the bullseye as you focus on your front sight/dot/crosshairs.

  • Stretch it out and switch to other targets...

    The Self-aiming target will take care of alignment…and once you’ve got trigger press dialed in, it’s time to stretch out the distance and carry your new tight groups over to any other target you decide to shoot!

  • The splatter makes it easy to see where you hit from a distance without squinting or up close without taking your focus off of your front sight.
  • Includes 2 x 4"x6" diagnostic charts that are coated to resist damage from water, oil, blood, sweat, tears, and the crushed dreams of your enemies. Use them for any target...not just the splatter targets.
  • Normal splatter targets just let everyone else see how bad you're shooting...these will help you hit the bullseye every time in no time! (and that's something you WANT them to see)
  • These targets use all-weather adhesive to stick firm and are *mostly* removable so you can show off your groups
  • You get 180 pasters so you can get more use from your targets or use them for pistol "sniper" challenges 🙂
  • Yellow on black contrast (like street signs and school busses) to maximize contrast and visibility.
  • Diagnostic card covers shooting errors due to sights, vision, breathing, anticipation, grip, cross-eye dominance, and more!
  • Designed to be used for practice AND sighting in with pistols, carbines, and long range precision
  • Works with real bullets at the range or airsoft, pellets, bb's, or rubber bullets at home.
  • Works great for both right or left handed shooters with same-side or cross-eye dominance
Only $19.97 - Order Now

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